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Stretto Surface

The Stretto Surface is the surface mounted version of the compact track spotlight Stretto. It has the same benefits as the Stretto: equipped with a 20° or 36° lens, 90° tiltable and 350° rotational. It will be delivered with a Phase Cut driver, is available with dim to warm and optional a gold front ring. The luminaire can be mounted on a ceiling or wall. This combination of compact, stylish and flexibility makes the luminaire perfect for restaurants, cafeterias and bars.

SkuLuminous FluxCCTCRIBeam angleLuminaire colorReflector color
436EW92720P01000 lm2700K9020°WhiteN/A
436EW92736P01000 lm2700K9036°WhiteN/A
436EB92720P01000 lm2700K9020°BlackN/A
436EB92736P01000 lm2700K9036°BlackN/A
436EW93020P01160 lm3000K9020°WhiteN/A
436EW93036P01160 lm3000K9036°WhiteN/A
436EB93020P01160 lm3000K9020°BlackN/A
436EB93036P01160 lm3000K9036°BlackN/A
436FW84020P01250 lm4000K8020°WhiteN/A
436FW84036P01250 lm4000K8036°WhiteN/A
436FB84020P01250 lm4000K8020°BlackN/A
436FB84036P01250 lm4000K8036°BlackN/A

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