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Places can have charisma, in short, as much as people do.

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High-quality led lighting with Italian allure. Designed exclusively for the hospitality industry and residential buildings.

In an environment where hospitality and personal ambience sets the tone, good lighting is essential. Karizma Luce enhances those areas where people enjoy their leisure time, as well as the places where they live and work. Led’s delight.

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Recessed luminaires fixed

Elegant, durable and a guarantee for natural light. Perfect for use in restaurants and homes.

Recessed luminaires adjustable

Beautiful to look at, easy to attach and focus. Ideal for creating lighting accents in the hospitality industry.

Suspended luminaires

Elegant and easy to install. Extremely suitable for adding a touch of lighting magic in restaurants, bars, entrances, and luxurious kitchens.

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A total personalised solution, delivered quickly.

With Karizma Luce’s beautifully designed light fittings, you are bound to draw attention. This is a central part of our service. With fast delivery and a continuous focus on optimisation and customisation, premium led lighting is more personalised than ever before.