Our story.

Why we love to delight.

At the turn of the century, we as lighting professionals could not possibly have imagined the enormous growth our profession would undergo. Of course: thanks to our passion for lighting, we were at the forefront of developments. We supplied high-quality luminaires to retailers, offices and showrooms. And with success. It’s not for nothing that many of our customers from back then are also satisfied customers today.

Since those early days, the market changed continuously and rapidly. And so did we. Especially when we noticed that our customers’ demands were shifting more and more. Retail and hospitality were increasingly merging. At the same time, the hotel sector was taking off. These developments created a demand for different luminaires. More luxurious. More elegant. Outstanding in performance and at the same time pleasing to the eye.

In our minds, the idea began to emerge to bring a new, premium lighting brand to the market. Fully focused on the hospitality industry. Distinctive in quality and design, unique in service. It was a time of adventuring. During one of our many international inspiration trips, we ended a busy day at a charming restaurant called Charisma. Here we realized that certain places can have charisma, just like people. Then we knew: let’s enrich buildings and people with sublime lighting, full of charisma! This was the moment that Karizma Luce saw the light of day.

From then on, we knew that with Karizma Luce we could bring new élan to the lighting world. We dreamed of a young, creative company with international allure. Charming. Curious. And sometimes a bit challenging. Attractive to enthusiastic people from all over the world. A collective that customers would become part of. With excellence in lighting as its foundation, but with the goal of inspiring everyone associated with us. There, far away from home, everything came together.

Upon returning to the Netherlands, we confidently took the first steps in our adventure. We chose to do things differently. Different than others. Different than we did ourselves before. We decided to put the good feeling of people first. In every aspect. Because we believe that excellent lighting gives joy to buildings. And therefore, also to the people who use them. To put them in their best possible light: that is our ultimate goal. That joy is also reflected in the way we work. We believe that good personal contact makes the difference. Because only in this way we can help our clients to realize stunning projects.

Eager as we were in those early days, we started with a product range that was too extensive. Gradually we realized that it would be better to work with a sharper range, which nevertheless includes everything to meet every lighting challenge. Sometimes setting boundaries is the best way to keep broadening your horizon. Healthy growth also depends on having the right people in the right place. More and more experts joined us. From our own country, but also from abroad. People with love for their profession. People who believe that a personal click is the secret to successful cooperation. What unites us all is that we love to share our enthusiasm.

We are proud of the way the light of Karizma Luce brings joy to hotels, restaurants and luxury homes worldwide. How we are building our dream together. And proud we are of the fact that ambitious and talented people choose us. Adding charisma together to all the places where people live, work and enjoy themselves: that gives us unprecedented energy.

Today we have grown into a brand where everyone feels at home. And where there is plenty of room to be constantly adventurous. In our brand-new head office in Joure, this all comes together. It is an atmospheric workplace. Full of light inspiration. With a new warehouse, which allows us to serve our customers even faster. And with a state-of-the-art R&D department, which enables us to remain at the forefront of knowledge and technology. And the great thing is, we realize that this is only the beginning. Because when you have charisma, something special is about to happen. Every day.

Led’s delight.

"Charisma is not so much getting people to like you as getting people to like themselves when you're around."