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Dea Amata XM
Dea Amata XM
Dea Amata XM
Dea Amata XM
Dea Amata XM
Dea Amata XM
Dea Amata XM
Dea Amata XM
Dea Amata XM
Dea Amata XM
Dea Amata XM
Dea Amata XM
Dea Amata XM
Dea Amata XM
Dea Amata XM
Dea Amata XM

Dea Amata XM

Everybody loves the Dea Amata. It is one of our most popular luminaires. That’s exactly why we called it Amata. This means ‘loved’ in Italian. In its own way, she makes you feel at home. Exactly in the colour that suits you. Caring, reliable, timeless. That’s how love should be, right?

SkuLuminous FluxCCTCRIBeam angleLuminaire colorReflector color
214HB94045SG001850 lm4000K9045°BlackSilver High Gloss
214HB92745SG001750 lm2700K9045°BlackSilver High Gloss
214HB93045SG001825 lm3000K9045°BlackSilver High Gloss
214HW94045SG001850 lm4000K9045°WhiteSilver High Gloss
214HW92745SG001750 lm2700K9045°WhiteSilver High Gloss
214HW93045SG001825 lm3000K9045°WhiteSilver High Gloss
214GB94045BG001650 lm4000K9045°BlackBlack High Gloss
214GB92745BG001550 lm2700K9045°BlackBlack High Gloss
214GB93045BG001620 lm3000K9045°BlackBlack High Gloss
214GW94045BG001650 lm4000K9045°WhiteBlack High Gloss
214GW92745BG001550 lm2700K9045°WhiteBlack High Gloss
214GW93045BG001620 lm3000K9045°WhiteBlack High Gloss
214GB94045CH001720 lm4000K9045°BlackChrome
214GB92745CH001630 lm2700K9045°BlackChrome
214GB93045CH001700 lm3000K9045°BlackChrome
214GW94045CH001720 lm4000K9045°WhiteChrome
214GW92745CH001630 lm2700K9045°WhiteChrome
214GW93045CH001700 lm3000K9045°WhiteChrome
214GB94045WH001670 lm4000K9045°BlackWhite
214GB92745WH001580 lm2700K9045°BlackWhite
214GB93045WH001650 lm3000K9045°BlackWhite
214GW94045WH001670 lm4000K9045°WhiteWhite
214GW92745WH001580 lm2700K9045°WhiteWhite
214GW93045WH001650 lm3000K9045°WhiteWhite
214GB94045GO001670 lm4000K9045°BlackGold
214GB92745GO001580 lm2700K9045°BlackGold
214GB93045GO001650 lm3000K9045°BlackGold
214GW94045GO001670 lm4000K9045°WhiteGold
214GW92745GO001580 lm2700K9045°WhiteGold
214GW93045GO001650 lm3000K9045°WhiteGold
214GB94045BM001650 lm4000K9045°BlackBlack Matt
214GB92745BM001550 lm2700K9045°BlackBlack Matt
214GB93045BM001620 lm3000K9045°BlackBlack Matt
214GW94045BM001650 lm4000K9045°WhiteBlack Matt
214GW92745BM001550 lm2700K9045°WhiteBlack Matt
214GW93045BM001620 lm3000K9045°WhiteBlack Matt
214GB94045CO001670 lm4000K9045°BlackCopper
214GB92745CO001580 lm2700K9045°BlackCopper
214GB93045CO001650 lm3000K9045°BlackCopper
214GW94045CO001670 lm4000K9045°WhiteCopper
214GW92745CO001580 lm2700K9045°WhiteCopper
214GW93045CO001650 lm3000K9045°WhiteCopper

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