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This highly efficient linear downlight includes 3 (Tre) reflectors and a low glare. This makes it perfect for use in workspaces and offices. The Karizma Luce Tre unites modern form and function with perfect illumination for minimum operating costs. The Tre has a black interior and offers different beam angles (15°, 30°, 45°), colours, CCT, and CRI.

SkuLuminous FluxCCTCRIBeam angleLuminaire colorReflector color
301CW92715F0500 lm2700K9015°WhiteSpecular Aluminium
301CW93015F0550 lm3000K9015°WhiteSpecular Aluminium
301CW92730F0500 lm2700K9030°WhiteSpecular Aluminium
301CW93030F0550 lm3000K9030°WhiteSpecular Aluminium
301CW92745F0500 lm2700K9045°WhiteSpecular Aluminium
301CW93045F0550 lm3000K9045°WhiteSpecular Aluminium
301CB92715F0500 lm2700K9015°BlackSpecular Aluminium
301CB93015F0550 lm3000K9015°BlackSpecular Aluminium
301CB92730F0500 lm2700K9030°BlackSpecular Aluminium
301CB93030F0550 lm3000K9030°BlackSpecular Aluminium
301CB92745F0500 lm2700K9045°BlackSpecular Aluminium
301CB93045F0550 lm3000K9045°BlackSpecular Aluminium
301CG92715F0500 lm2700K9015°GreySpecular Aluminium
301CG93015F0550 lm3000K9015°GreySpecular Aluminium
301CG92730F0500 lm2700K9030°GreySpecular Aluminium
301CG93030F0550 lm3000K9030°GreySpecular Aluminium
301CG92745F0500 lm2700K9045°GreySpecular Aluminium
301CG93045F0550 lm3000K9045°GreySpecular Aluminium

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