Delighted with our partners: LedLab.

What is typical for Scandinavian design and especially Swedish? A clean approach, combining functionality with beauty. Simple lines and light spaces. Exactly this is achieved in the projects made by Karizma Luce brand partner LedLab in Sweden. In this second episode of our Brand partner series, LedLab will share their story.

Light wood walls are asking for snow-white lighting fixtures with warm CCT, making the space welcoming and illuminating not only the working space but as well accenting light towards vivid green plants. Thanks to the luminaires with the same design of the body and reflector (Dea Juno XS and Dea Vesta) a uniform interior design is achieved and as a contrast, the recessed deep Profondo is creating an exclusive appearance.

The final result makes you calm, fresh and concentrated. To have it even more comfortable, the luminaires are delivered with an easy and user-friendly control system Casambi and Enocean. Switches with programmed day scene.

What is telling Mr Patrik Arnstrand, CEO LedLab about it?

’’This project was made for a private house producer that wanted to have a completely new feeling of their main entrance. They meet many customers in the office and showroom. The first impression is important and also the environment for the employees. LedLab was asked to come up with a design and a solution. We meet the responsible person for the interior design at this company and together we found an idea that everyone was happy about.

To get everything easy controlled we used Casambi to Dali and all lighting in this area could be controlled by the Casambi app or by the Casambi/Enocean switches. We also programmed the system to light up automatically in the morning and close down in the late evening. In the ceiling, we have to use Profondo in gold that gives a very glare-free and nice solution. We have also one possibility to light up one of the profound separately over the working area behind the desk. At one side of the desk, we have three pendent DEA Vesta that gives some extra light and an extra design feeling for the room. The wooden wall is lightened up with the 48V track light DEA Juno S. All with 2700K and gold front cones. The customer was very happy satisfied with the result.’’

We are happy to see the results, also already with a new 48V track luminaires Juno-Q1 XS, on request done Profondo in gold colour and over the desk DEA Vesta S in white colour and white reflectors. All controlled by Casambi. Would you like as well something similar? Feel free to contact us at Karizma Luce or our partner LedLab in Sweden.

Led’s delight!

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