Delighted with our partners: LEDprofes.

In this partner-series we are contacting partners worldwide why and how they work with Karizma Luce. In this first episode, we interviewed Vitezslav Hron, general manager of LEDprofes, a.s. from the Czech Republic to tell us about his experiences.

Just close to the famous beer production in the heart of the Czech Republic, is the headquarter of LEDprofes. The lighting studio, a wholesaler with a retail store, is active mainly in the Czech Republic, but its services are used worldwide, thanks to the customers like Pilsner Urquell, Jerem Paris and Crocodile.


What is your connection with Karizma Luce?

“We are the exclusive partner of Karizma Luce for the Czech Republic.  Thanks to our modern interactive showroom customers can see, try and evaluate the possibilities in illumination. We are helping with the lighting proposal according to the needs of a customer. We also can arrange delivery of selected products and we are able to support with the installation.”


Why did you choose to give the Karizma Luce brand an important role in this showroom?

“Well, because the design and quality of the Karizma Luce products are on the top of the offer in comparison with the whole European competition. This is certainly something we want to show our customers.”


Who are your standard customers and visitors and what are their reactions?

“Our customers are end-users, who are coming for inspiration and advise. But we also receive a wide circle of professionals, such as designers, architects and developers. They really appreciate the design and the many possibilities that Karizma Luce has to offer their project.”


How has the cooperation with Karizma Luce changed your business?

“The design luminaires of Karizma Luce did not only gave us wider possibilities in projects, but also a higher quality of service and a much faster delivery time. Thanks to this, we have become an even more attractive partner for our customers.”


What are your current experiences with Karizma Luce and how would you like to improve efficiency?

“Till now, our experiences are maximal positive. We are positively surprised about the flexibility, speed and communication. This motivates us to expand our cooperation even further. The service is just fantastic, and I do not know where to make it better!”


Can you tell us about recent projects you did?

“We are mainly supplying luminaires for big commercial centres like Westfield Praha, Fashion Arena Praha, Fashion arena Ostrava and OC Nový Smíchov. We are also a partner of shop units from different world brands like GAP, Jerem Paris, Bagaterie Boulevard, Pizza 360, Grand Optical and Střída Sports.

We cooperate with architects, designers and developers. And yes, we are increasingly applying Karizma Luce in these lighting projects.”


Do you have any details which you would like to share?

“I would like to thank the great team of Karizma Luce for the flawless cooperation and the support during the realization of our showroom because without that support the new showroom would not be easy to make. Thanks a lot, on behalf of the whole company LEDprofes, a.s.”

Vitezslav Hron
General manager


Stay tuned for the next episode of this partner-series. Do you also like to share your experience with Karizma Luce? Feel free to contact us.

Led’s delight!

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