Delighted with our partners: Ambi Light.

In this partner series we are contacting partners worldwide about why and how they work with Karizma Luce. In this episode, we interviewed Tamás Farkas, the executive director of Ambi Light Kft. Hungary, to tell us about his experiences.

What does the CEO of Ambi Light Kft. say about their experiences with Karizma Luce? 

I’m Tamás Farkas, the executive director of Ambi Light Kft. and I’m also a lighting designer. The Karizma Luce team has become our friends over the years. We like to work with this nice team.

Why did you decide to include portfolio Karizma Luce in your offer and what are your experiences?

Karizma Luce has a minimalistic design with professional LED technology. We like to use these types of luminaires, because the light of these technical lamps can create an atmosphere, not intrusive, and yet still complements the space very well.

What kind of projects do you usually do?

We have different types of projects. We create modern lighting plans for residential homes, offices, and hotels. Our way of thinking is, how we can get the most out of lighting, which enables the customer to feel the best visual comfort in his space.

What are the services that you offer to your customers?

We are not just selling professional products, Ambi Light is planning the lighting as well. So if you have an idea, we will figure out how we can make it possible. Our team consists of lighting experts who enjoy their work, like to be creative with light and enjoy managing projects.

What is your favourite product from Karizma Luce portfolio?

My personal favourite is the new Dea Feronia XS. I think this luminaire is a perfect combination of minimal design and perfect light quality.

Tamás Farkas
Executive director

The images below show a nice project from Ambi Light. It shows how versatile the portfolio of Karizma Luce is and how it also can be used in a commercial application. Ambi Light is a master in making lighting design proposals with a great relationship with skilled architects. The idea here was to make a nice colour contrast like Ying and Yang – very light parts of the interior are mixed with carefully positioned black items. Like chairs, a part of a wall, door handles, window frames and luminaires.

For the shop area was chosen Tesoro – a beautiful and long-shaped tubular track spot with an arm positioned in the middle of the body, creating focus illumination. For the office area a smaller, more decent track spot was chosen, the Stretto. All with 3000K and with high CRI to make the space visually comfortable.

Ambi Light Kft, we thank you a lot for our great cooperation and we are looking forward to creating more beautiful projects!

Stay tuned for the next episode of this partner series. Do you also like to share your experience with Karizma Luce? Feel free to contact us.

Led’s delight!

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