Restaurant lighting

Creating premium restaurant lamps and lighting

Delicious food is understandably the most important ingredient for a perfect restaurant. But just as a delicious dish doesn’t consist of one single ingredient, good food is not the only factor in creating a perfect restaurant. Equally important is the role of restaurant lighting. Karizma Luce offers premium restaurant lamps and lighting: an extensive product range with stylish luminaires specially designed for the hospitality industry.

The right lighting setting.

The atmosphere in a restaurant is partly determined by the lighting. Having the right setting ensures a restaurant looks attractive and cosy, while also making guests feel comfortable. Making sure the restaurant lamps and lighting are set correctly throughout the day is easy thanks to various dimming and control options.

Restaurant lighting.

Our partner Utilicht, recently lit a restaurant using Profondo recessed luminaire from Karizma Luce. Profondo is the Italian word for deep and the Profondo lives up to its name since the light source is placed deep within the fitting. Moreover, the elegant appearance of the Profondo is guaranteed to make a deep impression on all guests.

Enrich your hospitality project.

The Profondo recessed luminaire is available in black and white and comes in three different versions: Profondo Basso, Profondo, and Profondo Grande. Would you like to learn more about our full product range? Click here! Would you like to enrich your restaurant with Karizma Luce lighting? Please feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to help. LED’s delight!


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