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Rotating made perfect.

The Corsa is an adjustable led downlight, fitted with a 30°/45°/60° or 36°/45°/60° aluminium reflector. The clean design and its ability to rotate 350° makes it the perfect choice for office lighting, catering lighting, galleries and residential lighting. The Karizma Luce Corsa is up to any lighting task.


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The Karizma Luce Corsa is a recessed adjustable downlight from the Delizia Di Luce series. Made from aluminium. Available luminaire flux: 705 lm, 720 lm, 930 lm, 1240 lm, 1280 lm, 1550 lm. CCT: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K. Beam angles: 30°/45°/60° or 36°/45°/60°. Luminaire available in black and white. Reflector colour: Specular Aluminium.