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The Popolare is one of the most popular recessed downlights from our portfolio, mainly due to its variability: different beam angles, tiltable up to 20°. The Karizma Luce Popolare has a dim to warm option for comfortable relaxing light, which makes it perfect for hospitality lighting and residential lighting.

SkuLuminous FluxCCTCRIBeam angleLuminaire colorReflector color
109CW9273000705 lm2700K9030°WhiteSpecular Aluminium
109CW9303000720 lm3000K9030°WhiteSpecular Aluminium
109DW8403000930 lm4000K8030°WhiteSpecular Aluminium
109CW9274500705 lm2700K9045°WhiteSpecular Aluminium
109CW9304500720 lm3000K9045°WhiteSpecular Aluminium
109DW8404500930 lm4000K8045°WhiteSpecular Aluminium
109CB9273000705 lm2700K9030°BlackSpecular Aluminium
109CB9303000720 lm3000K9030°BlackSpecular Aluminium
109DB8403000930 lm4000K8030°BlackSpecular Aluminium
109CB9274500705 lm2700K9045°BlackSpecular Aluminium
109CB9304500720 lm3000K9045°BlackSpecular Aluminium
109DB8404500930 lm4000K8045°BlackSpecular Aluminium

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