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Popolare Lente
Popolare Lente
Popolare Lente
Popolare Lente

Popolare Lente

The Popolare Lente is a deep recessed led module with optical lens. This helps to create a calm and clean lighting atmosphere in hotel rooms, hallways, lobby’s and restaurants. The Karizma Luce Popolare Lente is very popular amongst architects and is often used in hospitality lighting.

SkuLuminous FluxCCTCRIBeam angleLuminaire colorReflector color
108CW9272200705 lm2700K9022°WhiteN/A
108CW9302200720 lm3000K9022°WhiteN/A
108DW8402200930 lm4000K8022°WhiteN/A
108CW9273600705 lm2700K9036°WhiteN/A
108CW9303600720 lm3000K9036°WhiteN/A
108DW8403600930 lm4000K8036°WhiteN/A
108CW9276000705 lm2700K9060°WhiteN/A
108CW9306000720 lm3000K9060°WhiteN/A
108DW8406000930 lm4000K8060°WhiteN/A
108CB9272200705 lm2700K9022°BlackN/A
108CB9302200720 lm3000K9022°BlackN/A
108DB8402200930 lm4000K8022°BlackN/A
108CB9273600705 lm2700K9036°BlackN/A
108CB9303600720 lm3000K9036°BlackN/A
108DB8403600930 lm4000K8036°BlackN/A
108CB9276000705 lm2700K9060°BlackN/A
108CB9306000720 lm3000K9060°BlackN/A
108DB8406000930 lm4000K8060°BlackN/A

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