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Dea Vesta M
Dea Vesta M
Dea Vesta M
Dea Vesta M
Dea Vesta M
Dea Vesta M
Dea Vesta M
Dea Vesta M
Dea Vesta M
Dea Vesta M
Dea Vesta M
Dea Vesta M
Dea Vesta M
Dea Vesta M
Dea Vesta M
Dea Vesta M

Dea Vesta M

The Dea Vesta is like a beautiful dress. You keep looking at it. Simple yet elegant. This pendant luminaire has its own refined way to put light to the place where it’s needed: a luxurious kitchen, a beautiful staircase, a stylish bar, a large dinner table. Apply the Dea Vesta in a series to make even more impact. On request available in 24°.

SkuLuminous FluxCCTCRIBeam angleLuminaire colorReflector color
501EW92740SGF01240 lm2700K9040°WhiteSilver High Gloss
501FW93040SGF01290 lm3000K9040°WhiteSilver High Gloss
501FW94040SGF01300 lm4000K9040°WhiteSilver High Gloss
501EW92740BGF01140 lm2700K9040°WhiteBlack High Gloss
501EW93040BGF01180 lm3000K9040°WhiteBlack High Gloss
501EW94040BGF01200 lm4000K9040°WhiteBlack High Gloss
501EW92740WHF01160 lm2700K9040°WhiteWhite
501EW93040WHF01200 lm3000K9040°WhiteWhite
501EW94040WHF01220 lm4000K9040°WhiteWhite
501EW92740CHF01200 lm2700K9040°WhiteChrome
501FW93040CHF01260 lm3000K9040°WhiteChrome
501FW94040CHF01270 lm4000K9040°WhiteChrome
501EW92740GOF01160 lm2700K9040°WhiteGold
501EW93040GOF01200 lm3000K9040°WhiteGold
501EW94040GOF01220 lm4000K9040°WhiteGold
501EW92740BMF01060 lm2700K9040°WhiteBlack Matt
501EW93040BMF01120 lm3000K9040°WhiteBlack Matt
501EW94040BMF01130 lm4000K9040°WhiteBlack Matt
501EB92740SGF01240 lm2700K9040°BlackSilver High Gloss
501FB93040SGF01290 lm3000K9040°BlackSilver High Gloss
501FB94040SGF01300 lm4000K9040°BlackSilver High Gloss
501EB92740BGF01140 lm2700K9040°BlackBlack High Gloss
501EB93040BGF01180 lm3000K9040°BlackBlack High Gloss
501EB94040BGF01200 lm4000K9040°BlackBlack High Gloss
501EB92740WHF01160 lm2700K9040°BlackWhite
501EB93040WHF01200 lm3000K9040°BlackWhite
501EB94040WHF01220 lm4000K9040°BlackWhite
501EB92740CHF01200 lm2700K9040°BlackChrome
501FB93040CHF01260 lm3000K9040°BlackChrome
501FB94040CHF01270 lm4000K9040°BlackChrome
501EB92740GOF01160 lm2700K9040°BlackGold
501EB93040GOF01200 lm3000K9040°BlackGold
501EB94040GOF01220 lm4000K9040°BlackGold
501EB92740BMF01060 lm2700K9040°BlackBlack Matt
501EB93040BMF01120 lm3000K9040°BlackBlack Matt
501EB94040BMF01130 lm4000K9040°BlackBlack Matt
501EW92740COF01160 lm2700K9040°WhiteCopper
501EW93040COF01200 lm3000K9040°WhiteCopper
501EW94040COF01220 lm4000K9040°WhiteCopper
501EB92740COF01160 lm2700K9040°BlackCopper
501EB93040COF01200 lm3000K9040°BlackCopper
501EB94040COF01220 lm4000K9040°BlackCopper

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