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Dea Diana S
Dea Diana S
Dea Diana S
Dea Diana S
Dea Diana S
Dea Diana S
Dea Diana S
Dea Diana S
Dea Diana S
Dea Diana S
Dea Diana S
Dea Diana S
Dea Diana S
Dea Diana S
Dea Diana S
Dea Diana S
Dea Diana S
Dea Diana S
Dea Diana S
Dea Diana S
Dea Diana S

Dea Diana S

When you want to go subtle, you have to go trimless. The Dea Diana offers a whole new lighting experience. The deep module, elegant looks and endless range of applications guarantee a refined look. The reflectors can be changed in case of wish or need, because they are fixed by a magnet. The standard installation frame is single, but you can choose also for a duo, triple, quadruple or quadruple square application. Just by cutting the sides of the frames and connect them to each other. In this way, the Dea Diana always meets your wishes. Supplied with installation frame, extra frames have to be ordered separately (art.number: TL-S-F-KIT). On request available in 24°.

SkuLuminous FluxCCTCRIBeam angleLuminaire colorReflector color
220DW92740SG00900 lm2700K9040°WhiteSilver High Gloss
220DW93040SG00950 lm3000K9040°WhiteSilver High Gloss
220DW94040SG00960 lm4000K9040°WhiteSilver High Gloss
220DW92740BG00830 lm2700K9040°WhiteBlack High Gloss
220DW93040BG00860 lm3000K9040°WhiteBlack High Gloss
220DW94040BG00870 lm4000K9040°WhiteBlack High Gloss
220DW92740WH00840 lm2700K9040°WhiteWhite
220DW93040WH00880 lm3000K9040°WhiteWhite
220DW94040WH00890 lm4000K9040°WhiteWhite
220DW92740CH00890 lm2700K9040°WhiteChrome
220DW93040CH00930 lm3000K9040°WhiteChrome
220DW94040CH00940 lm4000K9040°WhiteChrome
220DW92740GO00840 lm2700K9040°WhiteGold
220DW93040GO00880 lm3000K9040°WhiteGold
220DW94040GO00890 lm4000K9040°WhiteGold
220DW92740BM00760 lm2700K9040°WhiteBlack Matt
220DW93040BM00800 lm3000K9040°WhiteBlack Matt
220DW94040BM00810 lm4000K9040°WhiteBlack Matt
220DB92740SG00900 lm2700K9040°BlackSilver High Gloss
220DB93040SG00950 lm3000K9040°BlackSilver High Gloss
220DB94040SG00960 lm4000K9040°BlackSilver High Gloss
220DB92740BG00830 lm2700K9040°BlackBlack High Gloss
220DB93040BG00860 lm3000K9040°BlackBlack High Gloss
220DB94040BG00870 lm4000K9040°BlackBlack High Gloss
220DB92740WH00840 lm2700K9040°BlackWhite
220DB93040WH00880 lm3000K9040°BlackWhite
220DB94040WH00890 lm4000K9040°BlackWhite
220DB92740CH00890 lm2700K9040°BlackChrome
220DB93040CH00930 lm3000K9040°BlackChrome
220DB94040CH00940 lm4000K9040°BlackChrome
220DB92740GO00840 lm2700K9040°BlackGold
220DB93040GO00880 lm3000K9040°BlackGold
220DB94040GO00890 lm4000K9040°BlackGold
220DB92740BM00760 lm2700K9040°BlackBlack Matt
220DB93040BM00800 lm3000K9040°BlackBlack Matt
220DB94040BM00810 lm4000K9040°BlackBlack Matt
220DW92740CO00840 lm2700K9040°WhiteCopper
220DW93040CO00880 lm3000K9040°WhiteCopper
220DW94040CO00890 lm4000K9040°WhiteCopper
220DB92740CO00840 lm2700K9040°BlackCopper
220DB93040CO00880 lm3000K9040°BlackCopper
220DB94040CO00890 lm4000K9040°BlackCopper

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