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Dea Carmenta M
Dea Carmenta M
Dea Carmenta M
Dea Carmenta M
Dea Carmenta M
Dea Carmenta M
Dea Carmenta M
Dea Carmenta M
Dea Carmenta M
Dea Carmenta M
Dea Carmenta M
Dea Carmenta M
Dea Carmenta M
Dea Carmenta M
Dea Carmenta M
Dea Carmenta M
Dea Carmenta M

Dea Carmenta M

A true piece of art, just by the design itself. This beautiful adjustable luminaire offers a wide selection of different colours in reflectors. Thanks to its low glare, the Dea Carmenta gracefully enriches workspaces and offices, especially when you choose the White or Silver reflector. Go Black or Gold if you want to put an extra dimension to hotel or restaurant atmospheres. On request available in 24°.

SkuLuminous FluxCCTCRIBeam angleLuminaire colorReflector color
130EW92740SG001240 lm2700K9040°WhiteSilver High Gloss
130FW93040SG001290 lm3000K9040°WhiteSilver High Gloss
130FW94040SG001300 lm4000K9040°WhiteSilver High Gloss
130EW92740BG001140 lm2700K9040°WhiteBlack High Gloss
130EW93040BG001180 lm3000K9040°WhiteBlack High Gloss
130EW94040BG001200 lm4000K9040°WhiteBlack High Gloss
130EW92740WH001160 lm2700K9040°WhiteWhite
130EW93040WH001200 lm3000K9040°WhiteWhite
130EW94040WH001220 lm4000K9040°WhiteWhite
130EW92740CH001200 lm2700K9040°WhiteChrome
130FW93040CH001260 lm3000K9040°WhiteChrome
130FW94040CH001270 lm4000K9040°WhiteChrome
130EW92740GO001160 lm2700K9040°WhiteGold
130EW93040GO001200 lm3000K9040°WhiteGold
130EW94040GO001220 lm4000K9040°WhiteGold
130EW92740BM001060 lm2700K9040°WhiteBlack Matt
130EW93040BM001120 lm3000K9040°WhiteBlack Matt
130EW94040BM001130 lm4000K9040°WhiteBlack Matt
130EB92740SG001240 lm2700K9040°BlackSilver High Gloss
130FB93040SG001290 lm3000K9040°BlackSilver High Gloss
130FB94040SG001300 lm4000K9040°BlackSilver High Gloss
130EB92740BG001140 lm2700K9040°BlackBlack High Gloss
130EB93040BG001180 lm3000K9040°BlackBlack High Gloss
130EB94040BG001200 lm4000K9040°BlackBlack High Gloss
130EB92740WH001160 lm2700K9040°BlackWhite
130EB93040WH001200 lm3000K9040°BlackWhite
130EB94040WH001220 lm4000K9040°BlackWhite
130EB92740CH001200 lm2700K9040°BlackChrome
130FB93040CH001260 lm3000K9040°BlackChrome
130FB94040CH001270 lm4000K9040°BlackChrome
130EB92740GO001160 lm2700K9040°BlackGold
130EB93040GO001200 lm3000K9040°BlackGold
130EB94040GO001220 lm4000K9040°BlackGold
130EB92740BM001060 lm2700K9040°BlackBlack Matt
130EB93040BM001120 lm3000K9040°BlackBlack Matt
130EB94040BM001130 lm4000K9040°BlackBlack Matt
130EW92740CO001160 lm2700K9040°WhiteCopper
130EW93040CO001200 lm3000K9040°WhiteCopper
130EW94040CO001220 lm4000K9040°WhiteCopper
130EB92740CO001160 lm2700K9040°BlackCopper
130EB93040CO001200 lm3000K9040°BlackCopper
130EB94040CO001220 lm4000K9040°BlackCopper

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