The difference between Q1 and Q2 in the 48V Q-Line series

Last month Karizma Luce introduced the Q-Line 48V track series. This series of low voltage compact track lights opens doors to countless creative lighting solutions. The question is which to choose, the Q1 or Q2 version? In this blog we will tell you all about it.

The Principle Difference

The main difference between the Q1 and Q2 version is the height of the rail in which the luminaires will be used. This can be seen in the images below.


Surface, suspended or recessed version

The Q1 rail, which is available as a surface and suspended version, has a more subtle design. The Q2 is a higher rail, and the luminaire is clicked deeper into it. Due to this, the luminaire has a longer arm, to fit inside of the tracking system. The Q2 emphasizes the rail and provides an architectural appearance. The Q2 is available as surfaced, suspended or recessed (trimless) version. The selection of the correct luminaire (Q1 or Q2) depends on the rail which you have chosen for your project. This will be according to the requirements of the design for surface and suspended version.

Track parts

Ensure that you select the proper accessories for the Q1 or Q2 rail. The overview of the parts and the explanation of the assembly you can find in our installation manual and overview.


The rails are available in black and white and different lengths (1m, 1.5m and 2m). The advantage of the rails is their usage for non-dimmable and as well DALI versions of the luminaires. Once the type of rail is determined, you can choose the perfect luminaire from our wide range of 48V products.

Successful projects are guaranteed with the 48V Q-Line series. If you have any questions or special requests then please feel free to contact us.

Led’s delight!

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