Wishing you joyful holidays.

As you know, we love to delight people. Also, this year we worked hard to exceed the expectations of customers worldwide. Not only with charming premium lighting, but also with our service, hospitality and our sincere attention.

At the same time, our relationships also enrich us too. Their ambitions, ideas and challenges make us love what we do even more. And they help us get a little better every day. That makes all those collaborations so incredibly valuable.

And next year? We are determined to take our service and products to an even higher level. With an eye for even the smallest details. Even better suited to each unique challenge. We are incredibly excited about that!

For now, we raise our glass to our partners and to a healthy 2023. Please note that our office will be closed from December 26. We’ll be at your service again on Monday 2 January.

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