When you want to go subtle, then you have to go trimless.

If you look at the latest trends for luxurious lighting, subtlety is essential in the design of a fixture. Our trimless luminaires from the Dea Della Luce collection are the perfect solution. Unique about the trimless series is that they blend into the ceiling. With no edges visible around the fixture.

If you choose trimless, we provide four different luminaires. Each with its own specialty. Make it match your project by selecting one of the seven different reflector colours. 

Dea DurgaA powerful and effective luminaire named after a fierce goddess. Usually depicted riding a tiger or lion and slaying the buffalo demon with eight or ten arms. The Dea Durga does her job with only one arm but with the same power and effectiveness.

Dea DianaA whole new lighting experience is what this luminaire offers you. Named after the moon goddess Diana. She creates a subtle light. The deep module, elegant looks, and endless range of applications guarantee a refined lighting solution. 

Dea DionLike the ancient goddess Dion, this fixture gently breaks the surface. Dion was a beautiful sea nymph, choosing her moments to appear to mankind from under the water’s surface. With the Dea Dion, you don’t have to wait for a revelation: with her distinguished and versatile performance, she is always there for you.

Dea DeviWhy not add an elegant touch to your room? This fixture is named after the goddess Devi, known for her heavenly and divine character. The elegant round design, subtly concealed in the ceiling, puts a sparkle in any building.


Select a single frame installation for a refined look or a multiple frame installation to give your lighting more impact. Just cut the sides of the frames and connect them to each other. In this way, the trimless series always meets your wishes.

Stay tuned for our new series of “trimless” blogs. Each luminaire will be highlighted separately to show you why it stands out. Curious about these trimless luminaires already? Please have a look at our website.

When you want to go subtle, you have to go trimless.

Led’s delight!

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