Dea Amata

Upgrade: recessed luminaire Dea Amata now available with a wider ring

The recessed luminaire Dea Amata by Karizma Luce is now also available with a wider ring.

Wider trim.

If the Dea Amata is too small for the existing slot, this ring is the perfect solution. The current ring will be replaced by a wider version. So that the trim becomes wider. This means that you can still use the beloved Dea Amata by Karizma Luce to enhance your lighting project.

Easy installation.

Another advantage of the wider trim is that it helps ensure easy installation. Making the installation of the recessed luminaire in porous and soft ceilings even easier.

The standard version of the Dea Amata comes with a small trim. The wider ring is available in different sizes and can be delivered on request. If you have any questions or if you would like more information, please contact us via

The Dea Amata is part of Karizma Luce’s Dea Della Luce series and is available in five different sizes: Dea Amata XSDea Amata SDea Amata MDea Amata XM en Dea Amata L.

Led’s delight!

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