Unique gastronomic experience thanks to excellent lighting.

High-end dining requires lighting of the same calibre. Excellent restaurant lighting shows served dishes in their best possible way, while they ensure an atmospheric ambiance at the same time. Restaurant Smink in Wolvega The Netherlands, offers its guests a unique gastronomic experience, in which high-quality dishes and thoughtful lighting work together in close harmony.

Taste with your eyes
A unique experience, always. According to the owners Jan and Anne Smink, this is the essence of his restaurant: “We cook at a high level, with a lot of guts. It’s all about that special experience we want to provide. That’s why we try to stimulate all the senses of our guests. Because people also taste with their eyes. All the details of each dish must be optimally visible. Colours must be real. Our new lighting takes care of that. Without glare. And by retaining the atmosphere, even when the lighting is at maximum power.”

Discreet and helpful
“The starting point of our new lighting is in line with our concept: we love to delight. Therefore, we have chosen to create a certain tension in our lighting” say the owners Jan and Anne Smink. For the basic lighting, interior architect Marten Veenstra has chosen for the dimmable black spotlights Profondo (1055Lm, 927): “These luminaires are compact, and the light source is recessed. They are barely visible and therefore they have no glare. That’s why they match perfectly with the wishes of the owners.”

Colourfast and flexible
The rail spots Tesoro subtly ensure that every dish is illuminated in all its glory. With its 2700K, the Tesoro guarantees the natural colour of the fresh products. Veenstra: “These luminaires develop almost no heat, are energy-efficient and are particularly flexible thanks to the installation on a rail. Perfect for a restaurant setting, where the table layout changes regularly.”

Lighting recipe
The final piece of this balanced lighting recipe? The white adjustable downlights Fulla from Light4U (2700K) along the walls and the stylish decorative hanging lamps. Together, all fixtures play a special role in the total experience that Restaurant Smink wants to offer her guests.

Are you also looking for catering lighting full of finesses? Feel free to share your challenge to us. We have the best ingredients available for a tasteful lighting solution.

Led’s delight!

Project: Restaurant Smink
Products: Tesoro & Profondo
Interior architect: Marten Veenstra
Fotograaf: Ron Greve
Brand partner: DE Lichtadviseurs

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