Trendy gold with Dea Amata spots.

Since Karizma Luce started delighting the world, our brand partner Matcall has embraced our luminaires and enriches its clients with the luxurious lighting of Karizma Luce. These clients are primarily in the interior building industry or the kitchen and sanitary industry. The lighting solutions are widely utilised in showrooms and homes. With the Karizma Luce products, Matcall can serve a segment that demands the ultimate in terms of luxury.

We asked owner Matthieu van der Erf what he thinks about working with Karzima Luce:

“We have a lovely cooperation. The team from Karizma Luce is in sync with us and always gives us the latest information about new uses for luminaires”.

Matthieu also tells us that Karizma Luce has exceeded the expectations of Matcall with its most recent products and prices.

Luxurious ambiance with Dea Amata

We also asked Matthieu what he thinks is the most delightful Matcall project lit by Karizma Luce luminaires.

“There are many very good ones, but I would like to highlight a showroom bathroom located in Giessen at Diepeveen Keukens. In this project, the Dea Amata M and Dea Amata XS spots with gold coloured reflector were used. Karizma Luce proves that lighting and interior trends, such as using gold colours in kitchens and bathrooms, can really provide a luxurious ambiance when they are merged.”

The images below show the wonderful bathroom atmosphere. This beautiful result, with the play of light reflected by the coloured Dea Amata spots, can be used in various kinds of spaces.

We would like to thank Matcall and its team members for their great collaboration. We are looking forward to expanding our joint project portfolio and delighting the world of interiors.

Do you like this partner blog? Soon we will share more projects in which we highlight our cooperation with brand partners. Please contact us if you are interested in being involved.

Led’s delight!

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