Top-level retail lighting in a luxurious Italian jewellery store.

When you are in Saluzzo (Italy), then the C-SIDE jewellery store is worth a visit. This luxurious jewellery store is located in a characteristic building with an astonishing vaulted ceiling. Here it is that Karizma Luce’s luminaire the Perla shines her light in the shop. This stylish and sophisticated luminaire was chosen to add accent lighting to the jewellery whilst also creating atmosphere lighting.

A graceful pendant

A graceful pendant that brings a piece of art to any room. The charismatic elegant slim tube with 400mm length and Ø30mm diameter was done as a customized solution for our partner Ambiente Luce. Made from the standard product Perla which is adjusted to the 48V track system. To satisfy the requirements of the store, the luminaires are equipped with 3000K and 5000K light sources and have a high color rendering index > 90.

Next to the beautiful pendant Perla, Karizma Luce’s lineair luminaires Dodici and Diciotto are also used in the shop. They shine their light above the counters. Together with the Perla, they light up the jewellery perfectly!

A real game-changer

The very compact dimensions and timeless design, combined with a wide range of design options and the effortless installation, make the Q-Line 48V track series a real game-changer. The 48V track spots are simply clicked into a subtle recessed, surfaced, or suspended track rail. Thanks to the wide range of accessories it allows you to make your composition according to the required design. This series of low voltage compact track lights opens doors to countless creative lighting solutions, especially for high-level projects.

Also interested in creative lighting solutions with the 48V Q-Line series? Our consultants are happy to help you create delightful lighting. Please feel free to contact us.

Led’s delight!

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