Hotel room lighting

The perfect ambiance for any hotel room lighting

What turns an ordinary hotel room into the perfect hotel room? A great bed, of course! But a good night’s sleep isn’t all that matters, the value of the design and lighting concept of the hotel room shouldn’t be underestimated either. Karizma Luce offers the perfect balance between atmosphere and functional hotel room lighting.

Dimming and control options.

Lighting is an excellent way to create an atmosphere, so dim the lights and add warmth to a room. Thanks to the various dimming and control options, such as DALI, Casambi and phase-cut dimming, you can create the perfect ambience in no time. The perfect light colour and intensity makes every hotel room feel like a home away from home.

Hotel lighting.

Our partner Utilicht, illuminated a beautiful hotel using Karizma Luce fixtures. The Piccolo recessed luminaire was chosen for the hotel rooms. Piccolo is the Italian word for small. And that’s exactly what this spotlight is: small, but also powerful. The Piccolo is a cute recessed spotlight that is capable of introducing a romantic and magical atmosphere in every room where it’s installed. Thanks to dim to warm, CCT can be reduced to 1800K, automatically creating a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere.

LED lighting with Italian allure.

Karizma Luce offers high-quality LED lighting with Italian allure. Our luminaires are designed for the hospitality industry and luxury homes. Take a look at our exclusive product range here, or request the catalogue. If you think Karzima Luce can enhance your lighting project, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help.

Led’s delight!

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