Stylish office lighting with our versatile Stretto.

We love to share the experiences of our brand partners with whom we work closely and combine this with highlighting one of their best practices. For this blog, we asked Amy Dudok of Lichtadvies 010 to share her experiences with Karizma Luce and how our cooperation has influenced her way of working.

Working with architects and interior designers for private and business applications, applying high end products is self-evident for Lichtadvies010. Since the visit of Sales Manager Ferdi Göc, the company was pointed out to the versatile range of Karizma Luce. It was clear that a great cooperation would arise. Amy indicated that we owe this to the good price and quality ratio in the first place. Well-priced and beautiful lighting products can be perfectly applied in their various projects.

Designing for residential projects alternating with offices, showrooms, stores and hotels is a daily activity for Lichtadvies010. They often fit the lighting of Karizma Luce in various projects.

“The Stretto is one of our favourite track spot of Karizma Luce”, Amy tells us. They use this product very often, like at the modern office of their customer Lens B.V. and in the trendy Pommes-Frites bar in the images. It proves that the Stretto is a versatile track spot that can be used in various projects and spaces. We think it’s fantastic to see that the Stretto is able to create the right atmosphere in spaces with completely different functions

Lichtadvies010 describes their experience with Karizma Luce as nice and accessible. They love the large product range with good price and quality ratio. “Karizma Luce is a great company to work with. It’s an accessible company where good communication is a given. They should keep it up like this”

Karizma Luce is very grateful for partners like Lichtadvies010. We like to quote Ryunosuke Satoro; “individually, we are one drop and together we are an ocean”. We definitely agree with that and looking forward to the next projects with lichtadvies010.

Are you interested in being a brand partner of Karizma Luce? We would be delighted to highlight your project, cooperated by us? Please contact us.

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