Stretto, small powerhouse track spot.

Stretto, the extra small railspot

Constantly taking a step back. As a producer of lighting solutions, it is one of the most satisfying challenges. Of course not in terms of technology, because we like to lead the way; but when it comes to size, less is more. Our aim is always to surprise our customers with extremely compact fixtures.

Small and powerful

We have already had the Tesoro and the Lusso: both directional spotlights have been a hit for restaurants, bars, hotels and galleries. With the Karizma Luce Stretto their little brother has arrived. ‘Stretto’ means ‘narrow’ and that is exactly what we went for when developing this spotlight. Our designers have developed a small powerhouse with a modest diameter of 58 mm and length of 130 mm. Making this the smallest trackspot in our range.

Order your Stretto completely customized

Thanks to the integrated driver and 3-phase adapter, the Stretto is both a stylish and a flexible small trackspot. The Stretto comes in a choice of white, black or grey. It is equipped with a 20° or 36° lens, is 90° tiltable and 350° rotatable. There is the option of ordering the Stretto with (phase-cut) dimming, and is available with dim-to-warm and Casambi. If this seems ideal for your project, then please feel free to contact us for more information.

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