Karizma Luce Popolare

Residential project: Charming and effective

‘’A fantastic outcome, with everything working like a charm!” That was the reaction of our partner’s customer in Iceland. S.Guðjónsson recently used the popular recessed downlighter Popolare by Karizma Luce for the lighting in a luxury home.

The residential property has undergone an enormous transformation. The old halogen fixtures have been replaced by Karizma Luce’s elegant LED lighting. The customer wanted adjustable recessed luminaires with a small trim to achieve a subtle and charming look. The customer also wanted deep-set reflectors, to reduce the glare.

Skarphéðinn Smith of S.Guðjónsson: “It was quite a challenge, because we had to work with existing recesses in the concrete ceiling. So we had to find a luminaire that not only met the customer’s expectations but also came in the right size. “Karizma Luce’s Popolare met those criteria perfectly. The result is stunning!’’

If you would like to enhance your lighting project with Karizma Luce’s fixtures, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help.

Led‘s delight!

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