New: black matt reflector for Dea Amata and Dea Amor

The black black matt reflector is now also available for Dea Amata and Dea Amor. One of the special features of the Dea Della Luce series is that the reflectors are available in six different color variants: gold, silver, chrome, white, black gloss and matt black. The Dea Amata and Dea Amor were an exception to this. Up to now. These luminaires are now also available with a matt black reflector. And let’s face it, doesn’t it look incredibly beautiful on them?

Thanks to this matt finish, the reflector is in the same design as the frame of the luminaire and creating a deep view for exclusive apartments, high-level restaurants, or hotel rooms. We recommend combining the fixture with a black (acoustic) ceiling and dim to warm or tunable LED to create a perfect interior. The new reflector reflector for Dea Amata and Dea Amor has also an antiglare function, so comfortable for each environment!

Please let your contact person know. We will be happy to help!

Kind regards,
Team Karizma Luce

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