Project: Powerful track spot Tesoro enhances ‘Life Sciences Project’

The powerful, luxury track spot Tesoro by Karizma Luce is enriching a beautiful office building in Ireland. Dlight developed the energy-efficient lighting concept of the ‘Life Sciences Project’ together with Kirby Engineering. The lighting concept fully meets the client’s aesthetic requirements.

The decision was made to use the stylish Tesoro because of its excellent versatility. Patrick Walshe of Dlight: “The track spot is used in all open spaces within the office building. Because there are so many different outputs, it is very easy to achieve the right lighting level in every room. We’ve added the honeycomb accessory, which allows glare to be managed according to CIBSE guidelines.’’

The Tesoro not only looks beautiful, but the spotlight is also attractively priced. As a result, Patrick and his team were able to offer the customer the best possible lighting solution and stay within budget. Dlight often uses Karizma Luce’s Tesoro in their projects. Patrick: “Our customers always give us fantastic feedback about this luminaire.’’

For more information about this compact spotlight, or if you would like to use the Tesoro to enhance your lighting project, please feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to help.

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