Project: Mercer Amsterdam lights up its store with the Corsa.

When you work as hard as Mercer Amsterdam does to design the most amazing footwear and apparel, you want them to be lighted just perfectly. Bedrijfsverlichting helped them with creating the best lighting, from Karizma Luce, for their store in Amsterdam. Next to our Stretto it’s the Corsa who takes the stage.

Mercer Amsterdam became notorious for its collaborations with NASA, which in three different installments created massive awareness. Additionally, Mercer was the first brand to collaborate with Piñatex to create the first fully sustainable vegan sneaker made from pineapple leather. Furthermore, the brand has worked collaboratively with artists such as Future, Bella & Gigi Hadid, Lewis Hamilton, Chadwick Boseman, Lady Gaga, Common, Quavo Huncho, Roddy Rich, Steve Aoki, Chris Brown and more.


Our Corsa is an adjustable led downlight, fitted with a 24°, 30° or 38° aluminum reflector. The clean design is in line with the design of the store and its ability to rotate 350° makes it the perfect choice for lighting up Mercer!

Also interested in creative lighting solutions with us? Our consultants are happy to help you create delightful lighting. Please feel free to contact us.


Partner: Bedrijfsverlichting
Product: Corsa and Stretto
Photographs: Bianca Wesselius

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