Project: Beautifully designed store by Akta Studios.

We take you on a visual tour to the first Du Son store in Vilnius (Lithuania). The interior designers created a true reflection of the values of the new company and contributed to the shaping of its identity using the beautiful and sophisticated Stretto and Stretto Surface luminaires from Karizma Luce. 

Note from the designer

“A store offering luxury tableware and cutlery brands with a rich history is a place where customers look for high-quality and aesthetics. Therefore, the most important functional challenge we faced was a right product placement.

The visual solution of the interior was inspired by the themes of ceramic and porcelain. A modern interior design with porous wall surfaces and the dark clay brown colour has become a reference to the terra cotta ceramic that was already widely used among Mesopotamian artisans.”

Designer: Akta Studios
Product: Stretto and Stretto Surface
Photographs: Norbert Tukaj

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