Project: Add ‘Charisma’ to every lighting project.

Every lighting project can have charisma and not so much is needed to achieve it! Choose a few stylish luminaires carefully selected to fit the customers’ personality and the intention of the interior design. A perfect combination between functionality and chic design is what we are looking for.

Our partner Mabalux in Switzerland is a specialist in supporting different kinds of residential, retail, or commercial projects. According to Stefan Horber, from Mabalux Switzerland, the Karizma Luce luminaires can be flexibly used in private projects, as well as in the office or shopping areas.

For Mabalux and their customers the brand Karizma Luce means quality combined with a very elegant design. “It has opened new possibilities and combinations for us,” says Stefan Horber. ”We are proud to be the Swiss agency for Karizma Luce and looking forward to furthering cooperation.’’

The attached projects are created by Mabalux, showing the Dea Vesta M Recessed, the Corsa and the Dea Juno Q1 XS.

Thanks, Stefan for your information and nice images. We wish you and the whole Mabalux team all the best in the next projects.

Led’s delight!

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