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Profondo Grande
Profondo Grande
Profondo Grande
Profondo Grande

Profondo Grande

The Profondo is a fixed downlight with a deep recessed lamp position. Profondo means ‘deep’, and that is exactly what this luminaire does: it makes a deep impression. Not only because of the elegant looks, but also because of the unique wide range of available colours.

SkuLuminous FluxCCTCRIBeam angleLuminaire colorReflector color
203KW92730002600 lm2700K9030°WhiteSpecular Aluminium
203KW92760002600 lm2700K9060°WhiteSpecular Aluminium
203KB92730002600 lm2700K9030°BlackSpecular Aluminium
203KB92760002600 lm2700K9060°BlackSpecular Aluminium
203KW93030002700 lm3000K9030°WhiteSpecular Aluminium
203KW93060002700 lm3000K9060°WhiteSpecular Aluminium
203KB93030002700 lm3000K9030°BlackSpecular Aluminium
203KB93060002700 lm3000K9060°BlackSpecular Aluminium
203NW84030003250 lm4000K8030°WhiteSpecular Aluminium
203NW84060003250 lm4000K8060°WhiteSpecular Aluminium
203NB84030003250 lm4000K8030°BlackSpecular Aluminium
203NB84060003250 lm4000K8060°BlackSpecular Aluminium

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