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Piatto L

When you need excellent square lighting, the Piatto is the luminaire of choice. Use the Piatto on a 3-phase track and change its position in an instant. This makes it an exquisite solution for museum and big surfaces in retail environments. It’s also perfect for today’s offices, with its constantly changing arrangement of the workstations.

SkuLuminous FluxCCTCRIBeam angleLuminaire colorReflector color
610HW92715001850 lm2700K9015°WhiteSpecular Aluminium
610HW92735001850 lm2700K9035°WhiteSpecular Aluminium
610HW92745001850 lm2700K9045°WhiteSpecular Aluminium
610HB92715001850 lm2700K9015°BlackSpecular Aluminium
610HB92735001850 lm2700K9035°BlackSpecular Aluminium
610HB92745001850 lm2700K9045°BlackSpecular Aluminium
610HW93015001950 lm3000K9015°WhiteSpecular Aluminium
610HW93035001950 lm3000K9035°WhiteSpecular Aluminium
610HW93045001950 lm3000K9045°WhiteSpecular Aluminium
610HB93015001950 lm3000K9015°BlackSpecular Aluminium
610HB93035001950 lm3000K9035°BlackSpecular Aluminium
610HB93045001950 lm3000K9045°BlackSpecular Aluminium

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