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The Forte is an adjustable downlight. It has a robust look, and that’s why we called it Forte. It really puts some extra character in any building. No wonder it is very beloved by architects. And that is just the looks. Discover the many possibilities the Karizma Luce Forte has for your lighting project.

SkuLuminous FluxCCTCRIBeam angleLuminaire colorReflector color
122FW92738001290 lm2700K9038°WhiteSpecular Aluminium
122FW93038001350 lm3000K9038°WhiteSpecular Aluminium
122GW84038001630 lm4000K8038°WhiteSpecular Aluminium
122FW92745001290 lm2700K9045°WhiteSpecular Aluminium
122FW93045001350 lm3000K9045°WhiteSpecular Aluminium
122GW84045001630 lm4000K8045°WhiteSpecular Aluminium
122FB92738001290 lm2700K9038°BlackSpecular Aluminium
122FB93038001350 lm3000K9038°BlackSpecular Aluminium
122GB84038001630 lm4000K8038°BlackSpecular Aluminium
122FB92745001290 lm2700K9045°BlackSpecular Aluminium
122FB93045001350 lm3000K9045°BlackSpecular Aluminium
122GB84045001630 lm4000K8045°BlackSpecular Aluminium

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