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Fontana M

The Fontana is eccentric recessed spotlight with optical lens in a diagonal tube form. A powerful statement. The Karizma Luce Fontana enriches every interior where focused warm light with a high CRI is desired. His pronounced design fits perfectly in showrooms, galleries, museums, bars and restaurants.

SkuLuminous FluxCCTCRIBeam angleLuminaire colorReflector color
125CB9273600670 lm2700K9036°BlackN/A
125CW9273600670 lm2700K9036°WhiteN/A
125CB9303600700 lm3000K9036°BlackN/A
125CW9303600700 lm3000K9036°WhiteN/A
125DB8403600850 lm4000K8036°BlackN/A
125DW8403600850 lm4000K8036°WhiteN/A

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