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Dea Vesta-Q XS

Bringing people together.

Hearth, home and family. The virgin goddess Vesta was there to protect and cherish these values. The 48V Dea Vesta essentially does the same: this surprisingly small luminaire is developed to bring people together. Her light enriches places in the most efficient way and opens doors to countless creative lighting solutions.


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Luminous Flux, ,
LED power
System power
System efficiency, ,
Chromaticity tolerance
Beam angle
Luminaire color,
IP rating
Net. Weight,
Cut out dimension
Luminaire dimension
Mains Voltage
El. Class
Housing material

The Karizma Luce Dea Vesta Q S is an extra small pendant luminaire from the Dea Della Luce series. Made from aluminium. Available luminaire flux: in range 490- 510 lm. CCT: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K. Beam angle: 40°. Luminaire available in black and white. Reflector colours: Silver High Gloss, Black High Gloss, Chrome, White, Gold, Copper, Black Matt.