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Dea Fauna S
Dea Fauna S
Dea Fauna S
Dea Fauna S
Dea Fauna S
Dea Fauna S
Dea Fauna S
Dea Fauna S
Dea Fauna S
Dea Fauna S
Dea Fauna S
Dea Fauna S
Dea Fauna S
Dea Fauna S
Dea Fauna S
Dea Fauna S

Dea Fauna S

The Dea Fauna is a square tiltable surface-mounted downlight. It’s truly is an outstanding feature in every environment. This downlight offers the same sizes and lumen packages as our recessed downlights. This guarantees a very high performance, also in rooms where ceilings don’t permit recessed luminaires. Make your choice out of the six available colour options of reflectors and the endless applications. On request available in 24°.

SkuLuminous FluxCCTCRIBeam angleLuminaire colorReflector color
404DW92740SGF0900 lm2700K9040°WhiteSilver High Gloss
404DW93040SGF0950 lm3000K9040°WhiteSilver High Gloss
404DW94040SGF0960 lm4000K9040°WhiteSilver High Gloss
404DW92740BGF0830 lm2700K9040°WhiteBlack High Gloss
404DW93040BGF0860 lm3000K9040°WhiteBlack High Gloss
404DW94040BGF0870 lm4000K9040°WhiteBlack High Gloss
404DW92740WHF0840 lm2700K9040°WhiteWhite
404DW93040WHF0880 lm3000K9040°WhiteWhite
404DW94040WHF0890 lm4000K9040°WhiteWhite
404DW92740CHF0890 lm2700K9040°WhiteChrome
404DW93040CHF0930 lm3000K9040°WhiteChrome
404DW94040CHF0940 lm4000K9040°WhiteChrome
404DW92740GOF0840 lm2700K9040°WhiteGold
404DW93040GOF0880 lm3000K9040°WhiteGold
404DW94040GOF0890 lm4000K9040°WhiteGold
404DW92740BMF0760 lm2700K9040°WhiteBlack Matt
404DW93040BMF0800 lm3000K9040°WhiteBlack Matt
404DW94040BMF0810 lm4000K9040°WhiteBlack Matt
404DB92740SGF0900 lm2700K9040°BlackSilver High Gloss
404DB93040SGF0950 lm3000K9040°BlackSilver High Gloss
404DB94040SGF0960 lm4000K9040°BlackSilver High Gloss
404DB92740BGF0830 lm2700K9040°BlackBlack High Gloss
404DB93040BGF0860 lm3000K9040°BlackBlack High Gloss
404DB94040BGF0870 lm4000K9040°BlackBlack High Gloss
404DB92740WHF0840 lm2700K9040°BlackWhite
404DB93040WHF0880 lm3000K9040°BlackWhite
404DB94040WHF0890 lm4000K9040°BlackWhite
404DB92740CHF0890 lm2700K9040°BlackChrome
404DB93040CHF0930 lm3000K9040°BlackChrome
404DB94040CHF0940 lm4000K9040°BlackChrome
404DB92740GOF0840 lm2700K9040°BlackGold
404DB93040GOF0880 lm3000K9040°BlackGold
404DB94040GOF0890 lm4000K9040°BlackGold
404DB92740BMF0760 lm2700K9040°BlackBlack Matt
404DB93040BMF0800 lm3000K9040°BlackBlack Matt
404DB94040BMF0810 lm4000K9040°BlackBlack Matt
404DW92740COF0840 lm2700K9040°WhiteCopper
404DW93040COF0880 lm3000K9040°WhiteCopper
404DW94040COF0890 lm4000K9040°WhiteCopper
404DB92740COF0840 lm2700K9040°BlackCopper
404DB93040COF0880 lm3000K9040°BlackCopper
404DB94040COF0890 lm4000K9040°BlackCopper

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