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Dea Durga XS

Fierce and effective.

Durga is known as a fierce goddess, wife of Shiva. She is usually depicted riding a tiger or lion and slaying the buffalo demon, and with eight or ten arms. The Dea Durga does her job with only one arm, but with the same power and effectiveness. Let this trimless and versatile fixture play a decisive role in your light plan.


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Luminous Flux, ,
LED power
System power
Chromaticity tolerance
Beam angle
Luminaire color,
IP rating
Net. Weight
Cut out dimension
Luminaire dimension
Nominal fA [mA]
Nominal fV [V]
Power supply
Mains Voltage
El. Class
Housing material
Light source energy class
Built-in height

The Karizma Luce Dea Durga XS is a trimless recessed adjustable luminaire from the Dea Della Luce series. Made from aluminium. Available luminaire flux: in range 490- 510 lm. CCT: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K. Beam angle: 40°. Luminaire available in black and white. The reflectors can be changed in case of wish or need, because they are fixed by a magnet. Reflector colours: Silver High Gloss, Black High Gloss, Chrome, White, Gold, Copper, Black Matt. The standard installation frame is single, but you can choose also for a duo, triple, quadruple or quadruple square application. Just by cutting the sides of the frames and connect them to each other. Supplied with installation frame, extra frames have to be ordered separately (article number: TL-XS-KIT).