Popular Track spot Stretto is now also available as Stretto Surface

New! The popular track spot Stretto by Karizma Luce is now also available as a surface-mounted version. The Stretto Surface can be mounted on any ceiling or wall.

Surface-mounted version.

If it is not possible or you do not wish to install a rail in your project, but do want to use the stylish Stretto, the Stretto Surface is the perfect solution. The surface-mounted version has the same charming appearance as the track spot. In addition, the luminaire also has the same specifications.

The perfect spot for the hospitality industry.

The Stretto is a very flexible product. The compact spot is equipped with a 20° or 36° lens, 90° tiltable and 350° rotatable. This combination of flexibility, style and its compact size make this luminaire the perfect spot for hotels, restaurants, cafeterias and bars.

Gold front ring.

The Stretto Surface is supplied with a phase-cut driver and is available with dim to warm. For an added touch of elegance, the Stretto spotlight is also available with an optional gold front ring.

If you have any questions about this product, or if you want to enhance your projects using the Stretto Surface by Karizma Luce, please feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to help. Led’s delight!

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