Our Dea Ceres ensures a hotel bathroom feeling.

Bring that luxurious hotel feeling home with this chic bathroom featuring dark marble, brass faucets and even a gold-colored toilet. All lighted with the Dea Ceres size M. You no longer have to leave the house for a feeling of such luxury. The only thing missing is room service.


Looking for an even more modern look? The square Dea Ceres adds a touch of magic wherever you want, exactly how you want it. The fresh and modern design makes this luminaire an excellent addition to every office or even bathroom. Choose the White, Silver or Chrome variants and 4000K to create even more fresh working conditions. Gold and Black guarantee a warm and classy output. On request available in 24°.

Product: Dea Ceres M 
Partner: Lucente 
Project: Hummel Haulerwijk 

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