Old and new connected.

The importance of good lighting in a hospitality setting is crucial and nowhere more so than a British pub. It is extremely important that the special ambiance that encourages customers to stay and feel welcomed is not lost. In The Cambridge Tap restaurant and bar, situated in the heart of beautiful Cambridge, the lighting delivers just the right warmth and effect to deliver the perfect setting for a relaxing visit.

The Cambridge Tap once was a bank and nowadays is a popular meeting place for people who love fresh food and drink. The client asked for a fitting and track system that works with their existing dimming system and so Maninder Choda of Karizma Luce UK, provided a cost-effective solution achieved with a Global 3-circuit track and the Stretto spotlight.

The advantages of the chosen system were easy installation and a timeless, classic look to the accent lighting spotlights. The black Stretto fittings are very aesthetically pleasing, and the deep-set LED module delivers great glare control, which is so important when making guests feel welcome. The fittings are equipped with a copper reflector, high CRI90+ 3000K LED modules and a 20-degree beam angle delivering tight beam control.

The lighting solution merges the old and the new to create a familiar, warm ambiance. Cheers!

Are you looking for lighting solutions for your projects, and you are based in the UK, please feel free to contact Maninder at Karizma Luce UK as she will be happy to assist you!

Project:              The Cambridge Tap
Products:           Stretto
Designer:           MCMullens Breweries
Installer:            SW Bruce Electrians

Led’s delight!

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