NEW | Dea Eros: a wide range of spherical fixtures.

Be prepared. There is no escaping it. When Eros chooses you, you’ll fall in love instantly. Whether you like it or not.

We are proud to introduce our brandnew Dea Eros family. Named after the classic god of love and maybe our most seductive fixtures yet. With their round shapes, these luminaires are impossible to resist. Whether they are discreetly concealed in the ceiling or exuberantly set the tone, especially where lovers meet.

The Dea Eros family (part of our exclusive Dea Della Luce collection) consists a wide range of spherical fixtures. Combine them to your heart’s content and create an ambiance overflowing with appeal. Of course, it is possible to choose from various colours and a wide range of elegant reflector colours.

All variants of the Dea Eros family can be ordered from now on. And because they are so irresistible, we will be happy to introduce all variants to you in the coming period.

Are you ready to seduce with premium lighting? View the complete Dea Eros range here or contact us for all options.

With love, team Karizma Luce.

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