More comfort: 48V Q-Line enriched with Casambi option.

In addition to the very compact dimensions and timeless design of our Q-Line 48V track system, this series now offers even more comfort with the Casambi option. Casambi: a smart, easy-to-use, and energy-efficient wireless lighting control system.


Via the free Casambi app on your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch, Casambi allows you to control lighting, color temperature and light color of your Bluetooth-enabled luminaires. This is all made possible by the addition of a chip in the luminaire, which communicates directly with various devices via Bluetooth.

Thanks to the extensive Casambi ready-ecosystem, the largest Bluetooth ecosystem for lighting in existence, complete end-to-end solutions can be enabled. The eco-system consists of a large range of Casambi-ready products such as luminaires, drivers, switches and sensors, and the number is growing every day.

Connecting multiple Casambi-enabled lights provides users with a fully controllable, wireless network. Create effective illumination, transitions, an enhanced environment or product highlighting simply with a swipe on your smart device. Dimming lights has never been so fun and easy!

The benefits of Casambi are extensive in every industry.

Whether in a small shop, a large hotel or an office, Casambi is a smart solution for various projects in a wide range of industries. The possibilities are endless. To control the lighting, groups and scenes can be set up in the mobile app; this enables the user to dim or switch lighting in groups.

By using Casambi, a restaurant can easily change the atmosphere from early evening drinks to fine dining, without the need for manual intervention.

In homes, it enables residents to set the perfect lighting in each individual room. For the kitchen a more clear working light and for the living room a cosy atmosphere with more tempered lighting.

In retail areas, a visual merchandiser can make products look their best, and the flexibility to manage lighting in accordance with changes in the product collection, season or mood can be provided, as well as the ability to increase the colour appearance without the need for expensive electrical installation work.

At the office, Casambi can enhance the environment by adjusting the illumination in terms of lighting in areas used heavily by people, to promote wellbeing and productivity.

Casambi can be used anywhere and in any lighting system. And Casambi is also future-compliant. The free mobile app is regularly updated and the built-in firmware in Casambi-ready products can easily be updated wirelessly via Bluetooth, using the app.

Experience the easy-to-use wireless lighting control system in combination with our Q-Line 48V series now yourself!

Our consultants would be happy to help you create delightful lighting. Please feel free to contact us.

Led’s delight!

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