48V Track system

Magnifico! The brochure of the 48V Q-Line Track System is now available.

Magnifico! The printed product brochure of the Q-Line Series 48V track system by Karizma Luce is now available!

Welcome to the world of miniature luminaires: a low voltage spotlight collection, more compact than ever before.
The Q-Line 48V track series excels in its versatility, efficiency, and aesthetics.

Brand new brochure

Our brand new 48V Q-Line Series brochure is waiting for you! It contains all our 48V luminaires from our Dea Della Luce range as well as the  brand new Linea-Q luminaires. Discover your premium lighting solution with extensive product specifications and installation information. All combined in one stylish brochure.

High-quality Italian design. Beautiful and solid luminaires. A feast for the eyes, combined with outstanding performance.
Because we always use premium brand components, an optimum light range is assured.

Would you like to request the brochure of our 48V Q-Line Track System? Send us an e-mail, and we will ensure that you will receive it as quickly as possible.

Led’s delight!

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