Office lighting

Luxury office lighting thanks to recessed luminaire Dea Amata

The Dea Amata is one of Karizma Luce’s most beloved recessed luminaires. This luminaire is enormously popular in the hospitality sector and in luxury residential projects. However, this recessed luminaire is also extremely suitable for office lighting. The light source and reflector are deep-set, thereby preventing glare. Our partner Utilicht has recently installed the Dea Amata L in the offices of Bex Communicatie in Eindhoven.

Magnificent appearance.

Joost Verheijden of Utilicht explains: “The interior designer wanted top quality luxury lighting, but it also had to be unobtrusive. We certainly achieved that! The style of the lighting in combination with the interior is perfect.” They decided to use the black Dea Amata L with a black reflector. As the ceiling and the walls are also black and the interior features bright colours, this has created a magnificent appearance.

Beautiful office lighting.

The client is extremely pleased with the elegant appearance of the office. Clients visiting Bex Communicatie are also impressed by the beautiful office lighting.

Dea Della Luce.

The Dea Amata is part of Karizma Luce’s unique Dea Della Luce line. The recessed luminaire is available in white and black and the reflectors are available in six different colours. The Dea Amata is also available in different sizes: Dea Amata XS, Dea Amata S, Dea Amata M, Dea Amata XM, Dea Amata L.

Photography:  Illse Withagen Interieurarchitectuur.

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