Lighting that suits an extraordinary experience.

“Music gives color to the air of the moment.” – Karl Lagerfeld.

Seeing and hearing: both are beautiful senses that you can play with to create a certain experience, to strike the right chord. Music, as well as lighting, can help someone to relax in, for example, a restaurant or on the other side to boost their energy in a sports club. To create the perfect experience, you need everything, from light to sound, to work together in harmony to stimulate the right senses.

When it comes to sound, the extraordinary museum ‘Our House’ in Amsterdam (NL) is dedicated to the experience and evolution of Dance Music. In the world’s first electronic dance music experience museum, guests digitally explore the evolution of dance music. Visitors can take a piece of dance music home by purchasing a book, piece of clothing, poster, or anything else appealing in the modern shop of Our House. The adjustable luminaires Stretto and Corsa work together in this shop to let the products pop out, and at the same time create an atmosphere that suits the whole experience.

Stretto: small spotlight, big gesture

The compact spotlight Stretto added to the stylish and modern interior. Future interior adjustments are no problem thanks to the possibility to rotate this spot 360°. Used color temperature: 3000 Kelvin. Learn more. 

Corsa: perfect rotation

This adjustable led downlight is able to rotate 350° and fits thanks to the clean design. Used color temperature: 3000 Kelvin. Learn more. 

Project: @OurHouse, Amsterdam (NL)
Interior architect: WINK en Project 2000
Photography: Bianca Wesselius

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