Fontana, Italian courage in a tube.

This is no time to be modest. This is not about subtle background lighting, but genuine Italian courage. Become acquainted with Fontana. Two eccentric spotlights with a diagonal tube shape that make a powerful statement in every interior.

Choose the Fontana (297 mm and 45 mm diameter). You will enrich every interior that requires focused warm light with a high CRI. Both are equipped with a 36° lens. The spotlight can be turned 350° and tilted 50°. This is ultimate illumination, right down to the details.

The Fontana is perfectly at home in showrooms, galleries, museums, bars and restaurants thanks to their distinctive design. They are available in black, grey and white. Thanks to its design combined with the best equipment, the light created grabs your attention just like the wonderful sounds from the tubes of a majestic organ.

Looking for genuine Italian courage in your lighting project? Please contact us today!


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