Hygge feeling living room Finland.

Interior identity: a glimpse into the heart of Finland.

Northern light: who doesn’t know this impressive natural phenomenon? The Nordic nature is a great source of interior inspiration. The beautiful nature of Finland is reflected in the complete interior style of this villa, giving it its own, strong identity. Are you ready to discover the heart of Finland in this home? 

Hygge: welcoming interior style

When you enter this villa, you’ll immediately experience the warm, clean atmosphere and a feeling of contentment. In the Nordic countries, this feeling is often described in just one word: ‘Hygge’. The interior style captures the balance between comfort and minimalism. This is visible in clean lines, minimal decoration, and the importance of artwork. The framed posters and art on the walls are carefully selected and highlighted by our adjustable spot luminaire Dea Cura 

Picture perfect uniformity.

It doesn’t matter which room of the house you walk in. This villa embraces the natural materials and natural lighting of its surroundings. Our recessed Dea Amor luminaires blend into the light oak slat roof and take care of the main lighting using 3000k to provide a nice warm colour. Thanks to the exact same black housing colour and black gloss reflector colour, the Dea Amor and Dea Cura match perfectly together. They ensure a uniform look and contribute to the ‘Hygge’-feeling in every room.   

Different moods, different lighting.

There are moments that require dimmed or less lighting. Picture this: on a cold, snowy evening, you curl up on the couch to enjoy the warming, crackling fire of the fireplace. It produces a warm coloured glow that lights up the entire living room. Thanks to the Dali-system it is easy to dim the lights and allow the fireplace to become the warm and welcoming heart of the house.

Want to add a little more ‘Hygge’ to your home?

Discover all the possibilities of our exclusive Dea Della Luce collection here.

Led’s delight!


Architect: Maija Tolmunen (including lighting planning)
Interior: Liisa Hartikka
Photographer: Liisa Hartikka and Timo Pärssinen
Installer: Sähkötyö Paloviita Oy
Luminaires: Karizma Luce’s Dea Amor, Dea Cura XS, Dea Cura S

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