How the newest hotel of the Netherlands has been put in a special light.

In the hospitality industry, everything is about the details. It just has to be right. Everything comes together in the newly opened Van der Valk hotel in Deventer. Also, when it comes to its brandnew lighting, where synergy plays the leading role.

One of a kind.

“This new hotel is truly ‘one of a kind’. Not only because it is the first energy-neutral and gas-free hotel in the Netherlands, but also because of its beautiful and unique appearance.” says Wes Linders, senior Lighting Consultant at Utilicht. He and his team designed a special lighting plan: “This project was characterized by a very close parntership between interior architect Valk Interiors and Utilicht. We translated the wishes of the client into a lighting plan in which technical lighting and decorative lighting connect seamlessly.”

Exclusive and widely applicable luminaires.

“Van der Valk already had a clear view of wishes for decorative lighting. To match their wishes, we also looked outside our standard range. Our challenge was to let the lighting form a unity with the atmosphere and materialization within the rest of the project. For the other components, we opted for Karizma Luce fixtures. Not only because of the exclusive appearance, but also because we could choose the same luminaire in different colours. In this way we created a calm, uniform appearance, but fully attuned to the atmosphere in each individual room.”

Ultimate sense of hospitality.

The hotel has been enriched with, among others, the Dea Carmenta, Dea Amata, Dea Concordia and Cira. Another reason why Linders chose these luminaires: different light colors can be used. For example 930, 927, but also dim-to-warm. Linders: “All aspects that contribute to a special feeling of hospitality. The hotel was already beautiful, but the lighting really ‘finished it’. That is also how Van der Valk sees it. We can be proud of what we have achieved together.”

Designer:          Valk Interiors
Products:          Dea Carmenta S & M, Dea Amata XS, Dea Concordia & Cira
Partner:             Utilicht | The Light Club
Photographs:   Denise Zwijnen Photography

If you also have a great project in which the luminaires of Karizma Luce shine their light, please contact us and we will be more than happy to share it!

Led’s delight!

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