Art module

High-quality exhibiting thanks to Art module

In an art gallery, there is one aspect that is almost as important as the art itself: the lighting. Visual artist Anna van Oel also recognized this. Her spacious studio, located in a former church in Hindeloopen, breathes the atmosphere of space, tranquillity and dedication, which is indispensable for her pursuit of perfection. In terms of lighting, she found perfection at Karizma Luce.

Light as art

The painting style of Anna van Oel is figurative: her work follows the classical techniques of Dutch seventeenth-century masters. Every painting has its unique characteristics. All colours and details deserve to be seen in their best way. The lighting that Van Oel was looking for, had to have the ability to play with light. Just like the Dutch Masters.

Flexibility as a must

Van Oel had more wishes in her search for optimum lighting. Flexibility was also a must. Not only physically (because an ever-changing exhibition), but also in application: the light had to be adaptable to the time of day. During the day there are different shades and reflections than in the evening. And finally: the luminaires had to be stylish, but not too striking. They should blend in their environment.


DE Lichtadviseurs and Karizma Luce went to work with this very specific wish list. We gave Van Oel the opportunity to try different luminaires and achieved the desired result. The luminaires of choice? The dimmable track spotlights Lusso and Stretto. Modest in design, versatile in application and functionality.

Art module

One of the most striking aspects is the Art LED module. This offers the high light quality required for displaying high-quality exhibitions. The average value of the Art series is an impressive CRI 98. With this, the daylight is approached to the maximum, together with excellent colour consistency. View the photo impression for the beautiful end result.

Do you also have a specific lighting challenge? Please contact us. We are happy to think along with you.

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